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Unlock your potential and live a more happy and fulfilling life

Hello, I'm Kate West. Global Alchemy is my concept. It is NOT about me. It’s about YOU and how you will discover the “gold” within you. The intention is to pass on information that may help you to unlock your own potential. This is the fulfilment of the Alchemy already within you.

The change from '' Old To Gold ''


As we change for the better and at our own pace we join a growing and evolving community in which we strive to support each other on this journey of self discovery. This is the creation of a space for growth, inspiration, reflection and ultimately connection.

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Global Alchemy Community

Global Alchemy Community is here to guide and transform your words, thoughts and actions from low vibrational energy to higher vibration. Turning your old to Gold.

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About Me

I am a mother and business woman, originally from North Wales and currently residing in North Dorset, England. Over the last 10 years i have worked in the Care and Wellness sector before embarking on a career path that has been calling out to me for much longer.


Global Alchemy Ltd/unlock your potential is the crystallization of this. the intention is to pass on information that may help you to unlock your own potential so you can pursue your real desires. This is the fulfilment of the Energetic Alchemy already within you. The transformation from your old outworn ways to creating the richness of life to gold.

I am a holistic thinker with Reiki, Meditation and Medium training and work energetically. I have a background in the care sector which allowed me to study my clients and enhance the gifts i am able to offer. The Blogs and Video's that I produce are influenced by my own life experiences that i feel have changed my life profoundly and wish to pass on this knowledge.

My biggest breakthrough was to learn the significance of how Energetically your words, thoughts and actions and energy shape you as an individual. I channel Guided Visualisations and use oracle card readings in groups and one to one sessions for healing and awakening the spirit within. 


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