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4 Loves

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Here’s a chance to leap forward! They say you must become that which you desire in order to manifest it in your life, so have a go at this! Never mind if you think your life is not perfect or if you feel that you have NONE of these. Find the tiniest speck of each of these kinds of love - for after all, you wouldn't even know what they were if you'd NEVER had them - and be grateful for them.

Physical Love - who hugs you the best? Who would you love to cuddle, right now? Think about that, relive it in your mind’s eye and enjoy it all over again.

Mental love - who do you LOVE talking to? Who makes you think and look forward to the next time. Remember those and be grateful for those experiences.

Emotional love - Who knows you best - in good times and bad? Isn’t it amazing that you have someone like that in your life - even if it was just a little bit or even if it's gone now? Fill your heart with gratitude for this having had this gift.

Spiritual love - Where or with whom do you get that euphoric feeling of lightness, of understanding the bigger picture that all life on Earth is just love expressing itself differently, that you are all of that and all of that is in you. Go there or be with that person as often and as faithfully as you take your Vitamin C. You deserve it.

You deserve it all. And, it will all come to you if you go deeply into gratitude for what you already have. Do it for 9 days, faithfully, and see what happens.

We are not grateful because we are joyful. We are joyful because we are grateful!

Written By Claudia Joy Bandy

About Claudia Joy Bandy

Claudia Joy Bandy has trod the spiritual path for many years. She has taught spiritual development and done spiritual life coaching in native America, Ireland, England, & Spain. She is the co-author of “Quotes for the Soul” with Jaison Starkes. She is married to a British energy healer & teacher named David Bandy and they live on the south coast of Spain.

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