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Are You Searching For Something Extra In Life?

The Search - Happy to just be !

What is it to search ?

Does it mean we are incomplete when we search for meaning and belonging ?

Here are some questions that may be haunting you.

Am I happy ?

Am I satisfied with where I am right now?

What is my purpose?

Is my life fulfilling?

Is there something that I crave for ?

Is it something that someone I know has ?

Do I have status ?

Do I have kudos ?

Here’s the thing. Who you are right now is who you are meant to be !

Also where you are right now is where you are meant to be !

All things are exactly as they should be !

If you feel that these statements are NOT true then maybe you are indeed caught up in the act of searching. Maybe you are not happy, satisfied, fulfilled and so on. You are searching for these states. A common feeling is that there is a better life out there somewhere waiting for you to grab it. What if you had already been shown the opportunity and you were blinded with fear because moving towards something new can be scary. It would almost definitely involve change and this has risks. Change can be very uncomfortable. So how can things be exactly how they should be ?

The answer lies in your outlook to life. Once you accept that we are all on a continuous journey, then it becomes more easy for the mind to view the present state as temporary. All states are temporary. All states are subject to change. You can and will move towards happiness, satisfaction, fulfilment and so on. The fact that you have already identified these areas as “room for improvement” is evidence that you have good intentions. Focussing on these intentions will help you to manifest them.

Focussing is not searching. The search is over as you already know what you want. You have direction. You have intentions. You can and will upgrade yourself. You have already taken the first step. It may be a “baby step” but it is a step. What is the next step ? You know what you want so make some notes. You know the what so start planning the how.

This is all about you. Notice that we have ignored material desires so far. We have also avoided references to the qualities and properties that other people have. This is YOUR vision and not theirs. This is YOUR time and not theirs. They are on their own journeys and not yours. There is no comparison and neither should there be. At this point we must also mention gratitude. We must never take things for granted. So being grateful for the life that was and the new direction that it has pointed you in is a great starting point. It's actually not a starting point but a continuation point as your journey is already in progress.

Along the way in the journey and holding gratitude in mind, it is very possible to find beauty, things that make your heart sing, great food, great company and so on. Gratitude allows these feelings to develop. Moreover the steps that you are taking become lighter as you leave the old you further and further behind. The way forward is also to realise and accept that any mistakes you made in the past were not bad. They have helped you to grow and prepared you ready to start enjoying where you are right in this moment. This adds up to a realisation that there are no mistakes ! What a revelation !

Taking a chance on a different life, of course, comes with risks. There may be hurdles to jump, obstacles to go around and quicksand to wade through. But wait a second – isn't this life anyway ?Life will show up in all sorts of ways to challenge and change you and it can be from another person, a place you live, animals, nature and even an illness or death of a loved one. Any of these things can create a change in direction for us all. How much better that the new you might be able to cope rather than the old you being easily derailed ?

Life is a witnessing of experiences that form who we are and bring us to the present moment. So first we must let go of the past be it good or bad. It is neither of course and cannot be changed anyway. We tend to store the memories in our body and carry them around like a heavy rucksack. Time to question what we are carrying and place that rucksack permanently on the ground.

Not taking this chance is leaving things as they were. Back to searching, back to that nagging feeling that things could be better if only………….

So now is time to stop the search. Live who, what and where you are right now and life will come to you. Remember that to live a good life you most certainly need to believe that you can. You can !

As for material gains – do they really make us happier ?

By Kate West

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