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Soul Ties And Connections

Soul Ties and Connections

What do I mean by soul tie ? By this I mean that you have a deep connection with another human for whatever reason. This can be with a family member or with somebody who is totally unrelated. In the latter case, this connection usually, but not always, manifests itself almost instantly on your meeting this other person. They usually, but not always, also recognise this at the same time. How can this be ?

Could soul ties be linked back through our DNA ? This would certainly seem a likely candidate where relatives are concerned. Most of our DNA is void of any function at all – or have we not discovered all of its functionality ? Many physical traits are passed on, via DNA, from generation to generation and some traits, like red hair, skip generations. Perhaps traits exists that are not so obvious or measurable ? This, of course, is very a difficult idea to prove or disprove. However it should not detract from this piece's central idea, that we are inextricably drawn to some people, in certain cases without ever having met them before.

The profound experiences that I have had with soul recognition of family members, friends and strangers alike have for me been breath-taking and unimaginable. They seem to equate to the same feeling. This is a strong feeling of overwhelming love, rather as if my heart is about to erupt out of my chest. My whole body shares this overjoyed state. In some cases it's a bit like falling in love but maybe less debilitating ! I will try to elaborate by relating a few experiences.

I was once at a vocal workshop. There was a musician attending that I had never met before. I had a “knowing” of him even before we spoke. I was paired with him for an exercise in which we were asked to send love to each other. Spontaneously an overpowering feeling of love engulfed us. He went into a kind of “shock” and felt that he needed to explain that he already had a girlfriend and he didn’t know what had just happened between us. His girlfriend was also at the workshop and unaware of any of this. Again this was not “romantic” love but I feel another soul to soul connection for whatever reason. We never discussed this any further and after the workshop our paths never crossed again. However I know that he had experienced something that was difficult to explain. Perhaps it released something for us both ?

And i also experienced the same with a friend i had known for several years and it came out of the blue and very unexpected as we were chatting to each other and we both felt an immense feeling of love and connection and once again it came and went so quickly.

On another occasion I met a man who I felt that I already knew. I eventually befriended him. Friendship was the basis of our relationship. However I felt that I had loved him in another lifetime if that is at all possible? The love I had for him was still there but for his soul rather than anything bodily. Furthermore I constantly felt like I needed forgiveness from him. Unsurprisingly I remained rather confused during this period. It took some two years for this unusual relationship to evolve and ultimately unravel. He used to frequently joke about forgiving me which did not help me to make any sense from my confusion. I wanted to resolve just what was going on with me. Finally I made a heartfelt requested that we sit down to work through this. I suggested that we make eye to eye contact – staring into each others souls via the windows of our eyes. We certainly had an experience of connection and feelings of immense and beautiful love went through both of us. I felt like my heart had exploded. He sincerely forgave me but was pretty shocked by the whole experience. Alas the friendship slowly unravelled and finally fell apart altogether. I cannot say what he took away from this but I was left with some amazing insights and ideas that transcended the usual.

Thirdly and most profoundly I was due to fly out to attend a weekend ”Journey” (Brandon Bays) event. I was still at work when suddenly a stream of overwhelming love engulfed me. It was so intense that I couldn’t move for laughing and crying at the same time. I could no longer work (fortunately I was self employed) or concentrate on anything. It lasted over three hours and the more I resisted it, the stronger it felt. Even now and after so many years, I can take myself back to that extraordinary experience. I am eternally grateful for the experience. As to a possible soul to soul connection – the jury remains out !

These experiences are amongst many that I have had and shared with others. Perhaps I am highly tuned into something that most people experience either weakly or infrequently or even not at all. It is, after all, expedient to write things off as being in one's “imagination”. This promptly shuts down any further analysis or enquiry !

Perhaps there is a soul in every person. The soul is who you are and is “located” somewhere in or around that body that you live in. Have you ever searched for it ? It seems to have no physical form as such but it does talk to you all of the time. Can it communicate with other souls or even a collective ? What happens to the soul when you die is a subject that has been much debated for thousands of years and I am not about to enter that debate either. You must make up your own mind – as I have.

Consider this. If you have ever visited and spoken with with a medium, they bring you messages, usually from departed loved ones. Could this possibly be related to the souls of these individuals, especially since their bodies are no longer functioning ? These very same loved ones share some of our DNA of course and indeed, though very slightly less so, the DNA of the medium. Are some people, such as mediums (and me), “tuned into” soul frequencies ? All of this is difficult to prove in any scientific way (at the moment) so maybe the best that we can hope for is open mindedness ? ​

Enquiry on your part as the reader will be needed to make even educated guesses rather than wild guesses based on “stuff” that you have been told.

This is the final section that I leave you with and it involves some difficult areas of thinking.

The experiences that we have now are only part of our continuing time-line. These experiences accumulate as time goes by. They become our past. We can only experience the present moment and have to predict or plan the future wherever possible. If our reproductive efforts are successful then our DNA goes into the future but inevitably our timeline stops abruptly. That may be it – our final curtain ! Or do our souls then all get consigned to a gigantic soul landfill or do they maybe ascend to a central bank of great wisdom or even do they get reassigned into new humans ? You may or may not be familiar with some or all of these ideas. Various religions bat around some of these concepts. Again you have to make up your own mind. This is your time after all and whatever else happens, value your experiences and live with love and gratitude.

The human contact can be a quick one but the connections are all the same and this doesn’t happen to everyone as we would become overwhelmed all the time so when you meet someone and look them straight in the eyes and feel that stillness and connection and all of a sudden there is a burst of Love in your heart then you just met a soul that you have know for a very long time and the recognition has sparked but don’t automatically think you are in love with a perfect stranger as that could become complicated especially if you are already in a relationship. I know when some people say it was love at first sight when their eyes met and they knew instantly and fell in love and this is the same connection and it can be everlasting only in my experience it has been only fleeting.

So when you feel anything like this then don’t feel afraid of it as it does pass quite quickly and means you have just connected with another soul rather than the body of the person standing in front of you and it can shift your perspective of life as we know it and give you an inner glow.

By Kate West

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