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What Would Love Do?

What would Love do?

Whenever you are confused or struggling with negativity, this is the question to ask yourself. What would Love do - not romantic love, not “small l love”, but divine, spiritual love that sees the good in everyone, the perfection in all of life, the love you feel for a new born baby or small animal in your care, the freedom and excitement in reconciliation with an old friend after a disagreement. See the “all” of the other person, not the “small” and you both will be made whole.

“What would Love do?”

Do that.

Claudia Joy Bandy has trod the spiritual path for many years. She has taught spiritual development and done spiritual life coaching in native America, Ireland, England, & Spain. She is the co-author of “Quotes for the Soul” with Jaison Starkes. She is married to a British energy healer & teacher named David Bandy and they live on the south coast of Spain.

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